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Tools of the trade

Feb. × ’11

At work I write iOS applications. I sit and code for a good portion of my day so I thought I’d share a list of tools that I use on a daily basis. Because I use them so much they feel like well worn tools with the handle worn into the shape of my hand […]

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Developer Color Picker

Nov. × ’10

If you spend any time developing UI’s against fancy graphic design specs you might enjoy the Developer Color Picker from Panic (shockingly good software). It’s a handy-dandy addition to the colour picker tool that will spit out actual code for any colour on screen.  It will spit out NSColor, UIColor, CGColorRef, CSS, and HTML styles. […]

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Apr. × ’10

I had the opportunity to take home and iPad for the night. It was my first one-on-one time just me and the iPad on the couch sitting and relaxing. It was after about 10 minutes of reading before I realized how much I like it. When you’re reading a website it just disappears. You read, […]

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