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Tools of the trade

Feb. × ’11

At work I write iOS applications. I sit and code for a good portion of my day so I thought I’d share a list of tools that I use on a daily basis. Because I use them so much they feel like well worn tools with the handle worn into the shape of my hand […]

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Developer Color Picker

Nov. × ’10

If you spend any time developing UI’s against fancy graphic design specs you might enjoy the Developer Color Picker from Panic (shockingly good software). It’s a handy-dandy addition to the colour picker tool that will spit out actual code for any colour on screen.  It will spit out NSColor, UIColor, CGColorRef, CSS, and HTML styles. […]

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Apr. × ’10

I had the opportunity to take home and iPad for the night. It was my first one-on-one time just me and the iPad on the couch sitting and relaxing. It was after about 10 minutes of reading before I realized how much I like it. When you’re reading a website it just disappears. You read, […]

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iPhone Tethering Official With Fido

Apr. × ’10

Fido announced today that tethering is no longer just a promotion for data plans of 1gb and above. About time. I’m thinking Telus and Bell offering this oh so many months ago for free helped set the trend. Read the full details on the Fido tethering page.

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iPhone OS 4.0 Prediction / Request

Apr. × ’10

Below are my thoughts on how multiple running applications should behave in a world where iPhone OS 4.0 turns out to support them. iPhone OS 4.o should have support for background processes. Not support for applications that are left running like on Android (which created a market for 3rd party task switchers and killers) but […]

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Apr. × ’10

I’ve had the good fortune to be put in a position to not only develop for the spiffy iPhone but for Android as well. I’ll be doing a case study of my experiences trying to manage the development a product on both platforms. Should contain moments of insight with bouts of grump.

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