Tools of the trade

16thFeb. × ’11

At work I write iOS applications. I sit and code for a good portion of my day so I thought I’d share a list of tools that I use on a daily basis. Because I use them so much they feel like well worn tools with the handle worn into the shape of my hand exactly. Each tool serves a purpose , requires little of my attention, and gets out of my way when it’s not in use.

Xcode – Not much to say here but it’s a toss up between Xcode and my apartment for where I spend the most time.
xScope – For getting the UI pixel perfect (3.0 is out and includes Mirror)
Versions – SVN client. Makes mandatory software beautiful
Coda – For anything remotely web-y (buy it. seriously. buy it.)
BBEdit – File diffs, non-Xcode related dev
HTTP Client – Like curl but for those who sit on the recognition side of the recall vs. recognition crowd (sorry command line junkies)
0xED – For when you have to pour over hex dumps (please see Hackers for reference)
Base – For when you need to visually explore a sqlite file. Fast Cocoa UI.
JSON Formatter – Safari plugin. Mandatory if you spend any time in the browser exercising web services
GitHub for Mac – a great GUI Git client
Slender – scans your Xcode projects for resources that are unused and missing / incorrect @2x sizes. Crucial for pre-flighting to the App Store
Mac App Store – I buy all my tools through the App Store. I gets me up and running on any new machine fast

An interesting observation. I’ve spent more on coffee in the first two months of 2012 than I’ve spent on all of the software tools I use to code.

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